origo CF1519 DC 3D Convection Wall Fan


New product

- Strong wind; 12 wind speeds
- Up/down, left/right 3D oscillation
- DC motor, 20 watts low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection
- Body sensor auto off
- Touch screen
- 1/2/4/6 hour preset timer and off timer
- Detachable and washable front grill and fan blades
- Full-function remote control

More details

HK$ 1,198.00

Data sheet

Power (Watt) 20Watts
Size (cm) 22x27x37cm
Controller Yes
Colour White+Black

More info

*CF1519 Automatic shutdown function:
1. In the standby mode, if you press ON/OFF to turn on the power, if you do not set the timer function, the fan will automatically shutdown after 8 hours.
2. To release the automatic shutdown function after 8 hours, it is necessary to press and hold the OFF Timer key setting key for 3 seconds simultaneously within 15 seconds after the power is connected. When you hear a "Bi", the timer LED light will flash continuously.Press the ON/OFF key to turn on the fan again,The fan will release the automatic shutdown function after 8 hours. When the automatic shutdown function is released, the timer function cannot be used.
3. When the power is removed and the power is reconnected, the automatic shutdown function will be restarted after 8 hours.

Youtube Link:

Usage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vejipf9IrUc

Cleaning Method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zauBgi8WOrg